The same sex spouses of gay and lesbian service members we

In a day of celebration for his association members, Peters said he's a little concerned that up to 12 weeks could be needed to begin full benefits. Gay and lesbian military spouses soon will have the same benefits as traditional spouses to include military health coverage , base shopping, travel reimbursements for military moves and the larger "with dependent" housing allowances or, when available, access to base housing instead.

As it should be.

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  • And we will do what we can for them within the limits of the law. The key now to gaining full benefits is marriage in a state where same-sex nuptials are legal, and changes to the military identification card process, to recognize same-sex marriages and allow these spouses enrollment in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System DEERS.
  • Because of this problem, Department of Veterans Affairs should follow the precedent set by the Department of Defense and recognize the marriages of same-sex couples based on the state they were married, not the state in which they reside. VHA Directive established a policy for the Department about the respectful delivery of care to transgender veterans.
the same sex spouses of gay and lesbian service members we

Retrieved 14 June Beauregard, M. Feld-Elzon, E. As of the s, researchers were showing that families deriving from same-sex couples did indeed exist and that were becoming more common — without legal recognition of the phenomenon.

The same sex spouses of gay and lesbian service members we
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