Recent research on gay men s digital cultures has focused predominantly on Western

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  • The use of these techniques defies our exclusive filiation model, where the norm is to have only one father and one mother.
  • Fine et J.

A study led in Norway shows that the divorce rate of same-sex couples is higher than that of different-sex couples and that lesbian couples divorce more often than gay couples. Two of them, which appeared first, are women-only, Primanotte and Pinkyboat.

Sur la rive droite, le Pulp proposait une programmation musicale pointue dans le domaine des musiques électroniques, reconnu au-delà du milieu lesbien. Without being able to establish statistics, qualitative research led among those who used surrogacy in the Unites-States shows that they usually keep contact with the gestational carriers who, as a matter of fact, are never anonymous , whereas relations with egg donors are more tenuous Golombok, ; Gross, Être père et homosexuel dans la France contemporaine, thèse de doctorat en anthropologie sociale, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Toulouse.

Recent research on gay men s digital cultures has focused predominantly on Western
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