Are you proud to be gay or proud for your gay friends

Your poem made me cry I really can relate to this poem!! I mean, I would have also liked to overturn the world, bring peace, justice, and prosperity to every human being on the planet. I think I wore sunglasses.

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  • She's Gone By Sam.
  • You really hit hard on the core matters that homosexuals go through. Please help!!
  • I can't change it, I didn't choose it, It is what I am. Load More Arguments.
  • Ellen Broidy: I never would have stood up in Philadelphia at the Eastern Regional Conference and said get rid of this march around Independence Hall if I had thought it was anything other than a very conservative plea for acceptance. Not by Gods anger, As He is not angry with us anymore because of Christ's sacrifice, But by natures own doing.
  • And it was a division of feeling with the Mattachine Society, and we left and then….

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Are you proud to be gay or proud for your gay friends
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